Arkair / Vattenfall / Fortum

How fun would anything be without electricity? Appego is helping the two major power supply companies in Sweden, Vattenfall and Fortum, to inspect their power infrastructures by providing the Linsen Android app and web tool. During helicopter inspections, the inspectors create simple reports containing text, image, audio and coordinates that the back office administrators immediately can get to work on in the Linsen web app. The reports are analyzed, measures are taken and the errors are remedied swiftly and smoothly. With Linsen, Vattenfall and Fortum now have a faster and simpler way of inspecting and repairing their power infrastructures. And us Swedes get to enjoy a pretty much power outage free existence...

  • Linsen  app - Skärm 1 (utvecklad av Appego)
  • Linsen  app - Skärm 2 (utvecklad av Appego)