Myggrapporten Android


While planning your vacation or outing you know exactly where to go for weather information to prepare for what lies ahead. But to get info on the mosquito situation is not that easy. That is what our friends at Acreto set out to change. Being retailers of all sorts of mosquito fighting repellants and apparatuses, to have us build the worlds first ever crowd sourced mosquito report Android app of course seemed a natural step for them. Just a few days after launch, thousands of mosquito sites had been reported and the war between mosquito and man had changed slightly in the favor of man.

  • Myggrapporten Android app - Skärm 1 (utvecklad av Appego)
  • Myggrapporten Android app - Skärm 2 (utvecklad av Appego)
  • Myggrapporten Android app - Skärm 3 (utvecklad av Appego)