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Appego is a production agency comprised of dedicated developers focused on mobile platforms. But our expertise doesn't end at mobile apps. Do turn to us if you need a world-class mobile app. But also if you want to expand your digital offering with a mobile website, a web app, a new version of the old fashioned desktop website or an upgrade of your backend.
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Our services

  • iOS

    With the launch of the iPhone and the iPad, Apple changed the digital world and created app visionaries of us all. We on Appego have the knowledge and commitment required to realize your and your organization’s mobile-visions.


    Android is the most widely used operating system for mobile devices and the number of apps in Google Play has already exceeded half a million. Our app developers have long experience of Android apps, and will gladly help you to build your.


    Some app ideas are better suited as web apps than native iPhone or Android apps. Some wallets are also better suited for this type of app. With a web app, you will get a stable and well-functioning app even though the performance requirements and budget is lower. Also remember that web apps works on all platforms.


    When you are developing your new app you probably want it to work well with your legacy systems. We on Appego have a lot of experience of integration projects and will help you to ensure that all your systems are connected in a smart and efficient way.


    Most apps need to be fed with information from a server to be meaningful. We design, build and install your server software, database and web services in the most appropriate technology, whether it be PHP, Java, .NET, Python or another.


Project according to Appego

On Appego we work agile and iterative. This means that you as a customer during the whole project will be able to see several fully functional demos of what our app developers have developed and have the possibility to correct the course of the project. We like it when our clients are involved in how we prioritize our work. In that way we can in an early stage adjust the project to changes made in your requirements and needs, and thereby reduce the cost. The icing on the cake is that we always deliver on time.

  1. Workshop & Prestudy

    Workshop & Prestudy

    In the first step, we collect your requirements and wishes. We identify the target audience and the problems to be solved and suggests a complete solution tailored to your needs.

  2. Design & Development

    Design & Development

    When the project is started it is broken up into smaller sub-projects, known as sprints. This is the first stage in the sprint cycle. The features decided to be included in this sprint is planned and coded here.

  3. Verification


    The verification step starts when the features in the sprint have been developed. We ensure that the code is free from bugs and the functionality is aligned with you requirements.

  4. Demonstration


    Towards the end of the sprint, we demonstrate the product. Here you can leave feedback on the result and correct any misunderstandings. This step also tends to give birth to new thoughts and ideas for future sprints.

  5. Evaluation


    When the sprint is delivered, we do a retrospective to collect what went well and what we could improve on. To the next sprint, we try to correct what went wrong and take with us what we did right so we constantly evolve and get better.

  6. Delivery


    When all sprints are completed it's time for delivery. We'll assist you during the whole process until your product is launched, whether it is a native app, web app, web page, or anything else.

  7. Iterations

    The process is iterative and adaptive. Each iteration undergoes all the steps in the circle.

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A growing market

You’ve probably noticed it yourself, more and more people are using smartphones and apps. In two years, the number of users has increased more than 650 percent and the limit isn’t reached yet. Contact us and we’ll tell you about how we can help you take advantage of the app revolution.

Did you know?

iPhone is more popular among women, while men prefer Android. And more tablets are being sold than computers.